The Bankable Formula

You just can't hear the truth of finances too often.  

And why The Bankable Formula, an accelerated step-by-step plan for you to achieve financial freedom was created. 

Based on WenFang’s 25 years of banking expertise, the 5-week course teaches you the proven strategies to your own financial situation. 

For 5 weeks, you will receive online video lessons, quick tips, worksheets and audio downloads. You will have access to all materials received for life in your dedicated member-site area.

Your weekly access lay a solid foundation while creating building blocks and systems to move you toward financial mastery.

Week 1 Financing 101
Week 2 Credit Fundamentals
Week 3 Budget and Save
Week 4 Getting Out of Debt 
Week 5 Secrets to loan approvals

Get ready to gain perspective, frameworks and motivation as you work the formula to master the basics of your financial life.

After 5 weeks, you will become empowered to take the new skills and elevate your finances to the next level.

Don’t let financial mastery pass you by.