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BlissFinance.com is about financial empowerment; knowing how to take total control of money so that you can fulfill your ultimate dream.

WenFang Bruchett is the Banking Expert. Managed over $201 million in assets of bank operation, she has transformed thousands of consumers and entrepreneurs from rock bottom financial woes to bankers lining up and begging for their businesses. She is on the mission to eradicate living paycheck to paycheck lifestyle with her CaSHTM framework. As the strategic thinker, she has the ability to secure capital for early stage entrepreneurs. Based on 25 years of banking/credit union expertise, her clients are living healthier and happier with reduced debt, improved credit score and abundant savings. WenFang is the most sought after financial trainer for sales professionals in the financial services industry. 

She is passionate about delivering only the truth about how money should be used, managed, and leveraged. Her entire focus with BlissFinance.com is to provide practical tactics and transform you to become your OWN FINANCIAL BOSS.

Removing financial obstacles so that you can show the world the REAL YOU, to be ALIVE and VIBRANT every moment, and to live Your TRUE Purpose in life is the mission of BlissFinace.com.  

Are ready to take a giant leap to OWN EVERYTHING you've got and stop financing your lifestyle? Are you ready to take your ego out of your finances starting today? Isn't this the time for you and your loved ones to enjoy life without having to worry about your finances? What about starting with the 7 Days Savings Challenge? I know you can do it!

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