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The BlissFinance Difference

When it comes to finances, countless individuals as well as start-up business owners are often not well-versed in how to manage money effectively and may find themselves in a negative financial position as a result.

That's where BlissFinance comes in.

BlissFinance offers workshops and an online course taught by WenFang Bruchett, creator of The C.A.S.H Formula  (an acronym for Credit. Assets. Savings. Health) who has over 25 years of leadership-level experience in the financial services industry. All of her trainings include a dose of mindfulness and wellness as an essential ingredient in achieving true wealth and enjoying those financial rewards.  

We help individuals to learn to manage their finances, understand credit and create assets to maximize their hard-earned paychecks and achieve financial freedom so they can stop living paycheck to paycheck.

And when it comes to entrepreneurs, we help them learn what lenders look for and how to strengthen their finances and reposition their business strategies. Thousands of small business owners have increased their cash flow and revenue as a result of the techniques we have shared. BlissFinance helps them strengthen the profile they present to lenders so they can win in the marketplace. Do you know what it takes to get financing from banks? Click here to learn practical tips that will save you time, money and headache.

"Getting a loan is like a dating game. She puts everything into perspectve and easy to understand "


"Your knowledge, energy and personality made it learning experience and enjoyable"


"Financial truths were shared in terms that a non-financial person could understand"


"She is incredibly knowledge about loans and other financial fundraising as well as personal finance, such as how to build your credit score up."


"Your presentation was an excellent lead up or buildup to a comprehensive loan package for funding for a small business."



Small Business Resource Guide

A one-stop reference guide to help start-ups and existing businesses accelerate growth with accessible resources in finance and marketing.


How to Play the Credit Game?

Instead of figuring out on your own how to have an edge on your financial position, come and learn from the industry expert on tactics to leverage credit the correct way.


Banker Advice on Business Financing 

Are you thinking about financing your start-ups or existing small businesses? Do you know what it takes to get a business loan approved?


Virtual Financial Workshop

Do you have a group that is seeking guidance in personal and business finance? BlissFinance can customize training to meet your group's needs. 


Lender Matching Service 

Tired of going from lender to lender to get the funding you need? We save you time by matching the right lenders based on your financial situation.


1 on 1 Consulting Service

What can you do to get to the top in your niche market? How can you take your idea and transform it into a bankable business? This is your opportunity to receive personalized strategic guidance to take your business to the next level.


On Demand Online Course

How can you become more confident and capable of achieving your financial goals faster and more effectively? The Bankable Formula provides step- by-step process to transform your finances for a bankable business.


Happy Living Advisory Services 

Are you happy? Are you living life to the fullest at this moment? What stops you for being who you are? Is it finance, health or relationships? Are you truly alive, unique and making a difference in this world?


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