January 11, 2019
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The C.A.S.H. Formula Makes Top 40 Best Self Help Books for Women

HOUSTON, TEXAS – January 11, 2019 – UpJourney unveiled 40 Best Self Help Books for Women to read in 2019 recommended by 18 experts. 

WenFang Bruchett, the author, was thrilled that The C.A.S.H. Formula shared the list with the most recommended book: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

According to UpJourney Editor-In-Chief, Carmen Jacob, The C.A.S.H. Formula provides the roadmap on how to achieve financial independence.

“Women have substantial purchasing power, yet their spouses control their household finances. The book helps women to understand the truths about finance.”

“For 2019, women need to know how to establish and maintain 700+ credit score under her name.”

“Women must learn how to leverage and protect their assets to safeguard her future and achieve her dream.It is time for women to become own financial boss by payoff all debt including a mortgage.”

“The ultimate success in life is balancing wealth and health so that every woman can live the life it was meant to be – to live, to love, and to be yourself.” She added.

In her new book, Bruchett discusses how she used her financial know-how to survive losing almost everything in Hurricane Harvey and being displaced from her home for nearly a year. And the fresh outlook she gained, as a result, is what makes her book but compelling.

The book gives strategies and step-by-step guidance to financial freedom specific to attaining loan approvals, capitalizing on credit, leveraging assets, saving wisely and maintaining overall health. It addresses issues like: Poor health and poor eating habits along with consequences of too much borrowing, lack of cash reserves, lack of budgeting, and not understanding credit.

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